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Message Subject How much does the ADL pay for shills to post here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
example: douchebert has yet another superpin. threw up one link, copied n pasted one snippet, had it superpinned almost instantly, then he vanished.

current pins:

douchebert - 4
louisport - 2
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27329750

Now you are trying to get this wiped out with that comment. Hmmmm

Do not directly call anyone out for any reason.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

eh, OP and others called out quite a few people in the beginning of this thread, before i did. so? who cares. everybody knows those guys are tools.

hahaha oh wait HMMMM by that i assume you mean i must be a shill...lol...or have an agenda here...lol.....yeah it sure is awesome being paranoid delusional. not. just speaking my mind, and keeping a LOT of it to myself.

are you here to monitor this thread? LOL!!!!!!

you're all just a pack of cards! muahahahaah!!!!

shit is FUNNY.
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