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Message Subject Sleep Paralysis and what it means?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Try wiggling your little finger, this can often break it.

If not try and stay calm.

Does anything else happen, strange smells or noises?
 Quoting: lightchild_uk

No smells, Really loud ringing and at one point I was afraid of the ringing but now I just let it run its course. I often see myself out of my body either hovering above myself or I'm looking 3rd person down at myself. Whats weird is I know I'm awake but not only can I think in my own mind, I can in my projected self also.
 Quoting: FlashMob

FlashMob, it happens because your body is extremely tired, and heat is a factor. If the room is hot you will have a spontaneous out of body.
You should expierement with it. Its the door to out of body expiernces. Their is a book by Rick Staack- 30 days to out of body expierences. That book led me to my 1st out of body and 12 yrs later still at it. I also see parallel dimensions. It is very interesting.
I have tried so hard to have an obe that when i actually got out i was in my old house. Its very very interesting.
Everyone does not have Sleep Paralysis.
If you dont want an Obe turn on a fan in fron of you when u sleep that will stop all sleep paralysis.
If you have any questions, just ask.
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