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Message Subject Sleep Paralysis and what it means?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can induce this purposefully with little to no effort.

Go to bed a bit later than you normally would.

Set your alarm for very, very early (compared to when you would normally awaken).

Do your best to stay "half-a-sleep" and turn on a semi-bright light. Also, turn on a fan - or turn the one you have on to the highest setting.

Go back to sleep. You will have very vivid dreams.

If you want to push it, you can always set other alarms about 45 mins. later, wake up just enough to kill the alarm, and go back to sleep.

Sleep paralysis is simply your body's way of not harming yourself while dreaming that you are using your body. It comes in quite handy when you are dreaming of jumping out a window or that you are going to the bathroom.

It is a completely normal dream state based phenomenon.
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