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Message Subject Sleep Paralysis and what it means?
Poster Handle Stanfiem
Post Content
I experience this on a nightly basis and do not have narcolepsy. Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you see and were you scared?
 Quoting: FlashMob

I had the weirdest experience while in highschool.

I was supposed to go to the doctor so I got to sleep in from school Well I awoke and was able to turn my head to look at the clock. It said 9:34 (most other times I can not move) I then heard someone moving in my kitchen and then a voice from behind my bed. It freaked me out and I decided that I needed to tell my doctor that I was going crazy when I went. I then tried to jump up and leave but was not able to. I then moved my fingers like the poster above said and I awoke. The weirdest part is I looked at the time and it was actually 9:34

Then about a year ago I started getting them almost every night. When dozing off to sleep I would get a very high pitched electronic sound in my head and i was able to feel it throughout my head. This was always accompanied by very eerie feelings and me being hesitant to allow myself to fall asleep. I knew these thoughts were irrational but they would always surface. sleep paralysis always accompanied these thoughts experiences but I would feel 'things' around me, or a presence of something not right. I am not making this up either. It is not something I fear just very curious. Regardless it is never a pleasant feeling.
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