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Message Subject Sleep Paralysis and what it means?
Poster Handle Krix
Post Content
I've had sleep paralysis once or three times a week much of my life and have become somewhat of a veteran for the phenomenon.

When I was younger my friends and I experienced the state mostly accompanied by the the specter of a shadowy figure observing us sleep. My friends and I referred to these shadow figures as the 'Mara'.

Normally I would awaken to sleep paralysis around the hour of 3AM and usually always after a particularly nasty nightmare. Despite this pattern continuing most of my life the sight of the shadow figures has been inconstant and it's been years since I've last witnessed these entities at my bedside...however!

About I year ago my sleep patterns became highly irregular and I was laying down to nap in the early morning. Shortly after taking to bed I entered into sleep paralysis(despite not even having fallen asleep yet). Immediately I began to hear a unusual buzzing in my head similar to that of a static television or insect flying. Quickly the sound was escalating in my head and I intuitively felt that something awaited my at the other end of it. Right then, and I kid you not, clear as day, a demon like voice spoke out my name saying "Hello". Now at this point I was panicking to escape my paralysis as another voice(there were two distinctly) began to speak. It mentioned something about how much it despised me and that I would shortly die.

I have no history of mental illness and I have never heard these voices outside sleep paralysis. Just to note it.

Over these last two years I have heard a number of voices through sleep paralysis, and even carried on some sparse conversations(these beings can hear your thoughts). Most of these experiences have been with what sounded like demons honestly. On a smaller number of occasions I have heard what sounded like depressed and pitiful human beings or strange animals. Once a acquaintance of mine spoke to me only two hours after committing suicide through sleep paralysis. I hadn't even learned they were dead yet.

In just one instance I heard the voice of what sounded like an angel. Once in a particularly nasty sleep paralysis episode I mentally called upon "God" to save me. Suddenly a feminine voice released me from the state asking, "who was I calling?". Since then I have always been careful to name the God I'm praying to in response to that question.

It is true that the state can be used as a launching pad into lucid dreaming or astral projection, but this is not necessarily easily achieved. That is however, only if you can tolerate the experience of being indisposed among howling noises, shadow people and demonic voices.

Want to experience sleep paralysis? Here's my guidelines on how:

1. Stay up until three in the morning and then awake at six. Remain awake for two hours and then return to bed.
2. Take a small quantity of vitamin D3 before sleeping(in the morning).
3. Supplement with a dream enhancing herb like Wormwood or even Melatonin.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26144068

I had to reply to this because you have had something so similar to what I experienced. I have suffered sleep paralysis twice in my life and both times have felt a spirit holding me down, the first time I was furious and screaming get off me but the second time I was more frightened. The most interesting thing you said though is about the static noise... I had the strangest experience, the nearest I can describe it is when an analogue TV couldn't find a channel and went fuzzy and noisy and grey. I was in this kind of enviroment and there were fuzzy mountains on each side of me, I was frightened and forced myself out of it which I regret now but even after I woke up I could still hear the noise for a short while. Never really told anybody but my Daughter about this so really interesting to see someone has experienced the same sort of thing.hf
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