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The Cern machine. They probably do varied experiments or whatever but I bet most of the time they build up the power to meet the Sun at a certain time of the day. Midday? In Geneva. Maybe they will build it up with an alignment of planets. If there's a cern on another planet maybe it needs the Sun in between. Maybe not, but I thought earlier, if its a Stargate and if its on all the time at whatever strength then it may well will distort our perception by actually altering reality. It could be like an invisible spiral that is just used to walk through over a distance for whatever is coming or going but what it may do to this space is draw everything to it. If its inevitable to be a major event the energy that maybe locked on to another point but under the spiral could bring about Earth changes, sky distotions, maybe 3 days of darkness, it may even amplify our perception of what we see as reality because it is actually affecting our reality. Time variations that ripple off unto the brain. People may feel it as a singularity. Im not sure
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