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Hollywood is run by Gnostic Luciferians.

Gnostics want to corrupt the Word of God. They see Satan/Lucifer as the liberator of mankind, and God as an evil oppressor that wishes to keep man in bondage.

You'll notice that many major movies share a common theme where the Hero of the story rebels against a system of control. The most obvious example is The Matrix, which heavily promotes luciferian gnosticism. In that movie, "The Matrix" actually represents God's Creation, and Neo is portrayed as a slave. Morpheus represents Lucifer, the one who rebelled against God, and is coming now to "enlighten" mankind with hidden knowledge and free him from his material slavery.

This is how the Gnostic Luciferians constantly invert the Truth.

If you some excellent examples of Gnostics seed their deception into movies, this is an excellent blog containing many reviews that inspired me to do my own research. Minority Report, directed by Spielberg, is very blatant.

[link to nwointelreport.blogspot.com]

Anyways, I am watching Jurassic Park now, another Spielberg product. There are definitely the same gnostic themes being pushed here. I am still a little confused about certain elements, but think I have the general gist of it and will begin updating this thread with my findings.

To be continued....
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