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Message Subject GNOSTIC HOLLYWOOD AGENDA - Jurassic Park
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jurassic Park is taken from the book by Michael Crichton. He wrote lots of thrillers about uncovering dangerous or hidden truths, a small person fighting a giant system, etc. It sells well. I'm not sure I would give Spielberg too much credit on the underlying themes of Jurassic Park. He's out to make blockbusters, and face it... realistic, scary dinosaur doom SELLS.

Either way, I'll be interested to read your take on the movie. Enjoy. popcorn
 Quoting: Renaissance Woman

I can't say much about Michael Chricton, (Though I'm sure being such a heavily promoted author, there is a good chance he is also seeding these gnostic themes into the public mind)..

But Spielberg is definitely exploiting the narratives to promote his Gnostic agenda. If you think this might all be coincidence, just have a read through this article, and some of the others on this website. There are certain elements which are blatantly pushing gnostic/luciferian themes.

[link to nwointelreport.blogspot.com]
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