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Message Subject GNOSTIC HOLLYWOOD AGENDA - Jurassic Park
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Next is a scene where we see one of Jurassic Park's employees, Dennis Nedry, plotting to sabotage Hammond's park(Garden of Eden). He is bitter about the way Hammond("God") has treated him, and wants glory for himself. I think Nedry is supposed to be some sort of Lucifer-type character, overseeing the Creation, and yet deciding he can do things better than God.

In a later scene, Nedry even refers to Hammond mockingly as "Dad", supporting the idea that he is also one of Hammond's creations.

Next we are introduced to Dr. Ian Malcolm, who is dressed in all-Black, in contrast to the All-White Hammond. It seems an obvious indicator here that Ian represents Lucifer/Satan. He is portrayed as a hip, fashionable, intellectual who has novel ideas, and an obsession with "Chaos", referring to himself as a Chaotician.

Another thing to note, is that Ian shows up right after the scene with Nedry planning to overthrow the Park.. Is it possible Ian is meant to represent Satan after the fall? Also, Ian is flirting with Elle(Eve) in his first scene, attempting to turn her onto his special knowledge.

Throughout the movie Ian(Satan) is seen to be at philosophical odds with Hammond(God). Ian thinks that Hammond is foolish for attempting to try and control his biological Creation. Ian hates rules. He marvels in the idea that the creation will break through any barriers that are set up for it. "Life will find a Way", he proclaims, which really means "The creation knows what's best for itself." Ian is portrayed as the wise, enlightened one. Hammond as the blind power-tripping fool who refuses to see reason. Again the same Gnostic Lie of inverting the truth by putting Satan over God.

(Oh yea, this movie also features plenty of Evolution propaganda for all the children to absorb, espoused mainly by Dr. Malcom, which is fitting considering Evolution is one of Satan's biggest deceptions, but that's a whole separate thread in itself)
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