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Message Subject GNOSTIC HOLLYWOOD AGENDA - Jurassic Park
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So the gang has a conversation over dinner, where Hammond is roundly criticized again for attempting to exploit and control his wild creation.

Next the guests are sent out into vehicles, which will be used to tour Jurassic Park. Hammond seems unusually impressed with the automated driverless transport cars saying "Aren't they marvelous? Aren't they glorious?"

I'm wondering if the cars are meant to represent the material vessels (human bodies), that transport souls into physical reality (Jurassic Park/Garden of Eden)

The vehicles come equipped with automated directions and information: Safety instructions, and suggestions at what to look at and what to enjoy in the park. It is part of a system of containment. The riders are supposed to remain inside the cars, restricted to predestined automated pathways, and only view and interact with what is on those set pathways. This is the Gnostic interpretation of how God sent Man into the creation, trapped in a material vessel and restricted in his thoughts and action...

Anyways, Ian, Alan, Elle, the Lawyer, and Hammond's grandchildren set off into the park. As they are entering, Ian says "God Help Us. We're in the hands of engineers." Another hint alluding to the party being in "God's hands"

Hammond returns inside the facility to his central Control Room, where he has surveillance and command over all of the Park. In a very serious tone, Hammond instructs one of his engineers to "Start the Tour Program."

In Spielberg's gnostic worldview, the Jurassic Park Tour is meant to represent the genesis of Hammond(God's) creation. After all the discussion about whether or not Hammond can pull it off, we are now going to see the creation in action...
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