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Message Subject GNOSTIC HOLLYWOOD AGENDA - Jurassic Park
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The tour gets off to a bad start. The party is noticeably frustrated at being stuck in the cars and not being able to see any dinosaurs. They are frequently leaning up against the glass windows of the car, trying to peer through the electric fences outside to see something. They are being blocked by the dinosaurs(hidden knowledge), by multiple layers of barriers.

From the control room, Hammond is upset that they aren't enjoying their experience in the Park(Garden of Eden). Ian(Satan), even mocks him for his failures through the video screen.

There is an attempted Goat Sacrifice at one of the paddocks, alluding again to the theme of animal sacrifice to a deity.

In the next scene, Ian(Satan), is again seen tempting Elle(Eve) with his occult knowledge of chaos and unpredictability. He even begins fondling her hand.

And right after this scene, the party, going directly against the rules of the Tour, exit their vehicles and venture into a restricted area in pursuit of a discovery.

From the Control Room, Hammond(God), becomes angry at their divergence from the planned tour. "Stop the Program! Stop the Program!" He exclaims.

In the left surveillance screen, we see the party exiting the vehicles towards the right. And in the right-side surveillance screen, we see an image of the "main bunker", which is shaped like a Pyramid. Coincidence? Doubtful. The Pyramid represents the Gnostic's Ascension to enlightenment, or the Sun/Illumination at the top of the pyramid. The party on the tour are breaking Hammond's rules and seeking where they are forbidden...
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