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Message Subject Holy crap, Machinist in Nevada starting pay $12hr with benefits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Holy crap, Machinist in Nevada starting pay $12hr with benefits

Just saw the story on 60 mins about the jobs situation in the USA

3 million job openings, WOW!...the problem is the companies say that today's average applicant does not have the technical skills needed for the job(s)

2 guys went thru 16 weeks of school and were offered machinist jobs at $12hr

I thought a job of this technical skill would at least start at $16 an hour

your thoughts?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27120400

Keep on voting on freemarket capitalist politicians that make the laborforce compete with Chinese willing to work for 12 dollars a day...

That's how the middle class has been been destroyed in western nations. Obviously the rich benefit from it since there are in general higher returns on investments (and if your middle class you can't have many investments). And when the new poor start complaining it is suddenly called class warfare (which in itself is correct, but it started back in the 80's and became significantly worse after the end of the cold war)...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22089462

Yup, they started the class war not us, when they started shipping out jobs to China. There is no such thing as a free market and never has been in the entire 5000 year history of commerce on this planet. Business never had the right to import anything. If they were allowed to do it at, all they paid heavy fines in the form of tariffs to do it.

All I see here on this site is brain dead idiots complaining about unemployed people getting food stamps. 25 years ago we made the fuckers responsible for the unemployment in the first place pay for the food stamps with heavy duties on imported shit. We should be doing that right now.
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