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Message Subject Holy crap, Machinist in Nevada starting pay $12hr with benefits
Poster Handle M3A
Post Content
That's why the guy can fill the job.
$12 an hour today is poverty wages.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1235825

$12 x 40 hours per week = $480 x 52 weeks = $24,960

Deduct FICA, State, Federal, Insurance, Soc Security, etc

What's left?

Then look at todays living expenses.

Here gas is approximately $4.25 a gallon, almost the same price as a gallon of milk and/or a loaf of bread. Add car insurance, electric, water, property taxes, phone, rent or house payment - $24,960 minus taxes and deductions isn't much to live on in todays economy.
 Quoting: Alexander

Let us not forget they also are getting benefits, this means medical, dental, possible 401K, short term disability, long term disability....but.. you have to pay for these so called "benefits" out of every paycheck. These two fellows hired also have at least a couple of kids each. So they are going to have to get a second job or the wives have to work, so more gas, child care, and the list goes on and on..they definitely have jobs, but that is about all you can say about it. Not enough to survive on.
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