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Message Subject Holy crap, Machinist in Nevada starting pay $12hr with benefits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What people overlook is that this is STARTING pay. They immediately said a skill experienced machinist can make $60k. $12 is not great but it is after 16 weeks of school that they got for free. It is more than just saying you want fries with that. You make more as you get more on the job training by doing. You need to invest in yourself or you will never get up the ladder. Remember doctors make $50k for 4 years of residency that is after 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school. Everyone starts on low end of pay due to being a dime a dozen, competing with thousand of other applicants.

It is a choice to get the eduction that pays off or just do minimum and get stuck competing with everyone else. Sorry to be harsh. But, I went I college to learn, not to drink. I got through in 3 years and started off at 25k. Few vacations and a lot of studying was needed before I got paid more due to making myself a valuable asset that employers competed over versus me competing with others for A single job.

I laughed at the economist who quoted supply and demand, saying companies needed to pay more to get people to work. The issue is supply is dwindled by government paying people not to work but then keeps them stuck in dead end jobs due to people not taking jobs like these that end up paying 40k after a few years of experience and on the job training.

Yes, someone will comment that jobs won't pay $40k. A friend who never went to college but supervises the assembly of machines that run production lines will beg to differ. He learned not just his job but the jobs of everyone around him. So, when the company needed a foreman, who did they ask? And note, he makes much more than 40k now.

You start small but make yourself valuable via training and you won't complain about starting off at $12 as it doesn't last for long.

Well, I would agree with you if this was not a highly skilled job. They are not hiring janitors, these are trained professionals.

My daughter earned $12.00 in a nursing home as a CNA with no experience necessary and a few days of training, not 4 months of intense schooling.

How can you compare? Same pay, one highly technical skill and one not.

They are not offering these people enough money for that machinist job. Not in this day and age.

Wages have not gone up as inflation has.

You missed my point that it is starting pay. 4 months of training doesn't really buy you much when you still need training on their machines. Yes, others like your daughter can make $12 but note she hit the ground running after 2 days. This machinist position still requires more training than just learning trig in 4 months, that the company reflects. The better question would be how much these people are making in 2 years of dedication, a CNA maybe $12 ... Machinist maybe $16 and climbing. My point is take a lower paying job if it gets you training for more $$$ after you get through the hand holding phase that pays chump change. Invest in yourself.

Yet, If people think 4 months of training gets you $10 more an hour right away, then all the years of training should get a doctor $360 an hour for 12 years of schooling or $720,000 more for their effort. Starting pay for family medicine though is $150,000 if they are lucky or $75 an hour if they just put in 2,000 hours a year ($6 per year of training or $2 per 4 months of training). And, someone paid for those 4 months while receiving unemployment .... docs are hundred of thousands in debt when they are done. Just putting things in perspective. Easy to feel sorry for taking $12 an hour job and resent others until you see the investment that goes into each job.
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