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Message Subject Holy crap, Machinist in Nevada starting pay $12hr with benefits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well lets see. For a single person (very conservative figures)

$25,000/ yr
- 3,200/ Federal Tax
- 1,100/ State Income Tax
- 2,150/ FICA
- 820/ Medicare
$17,730/ Net Income
- 8,400/ Annual Average Rent for a 1 Bedroom Apartment
- 920/ Annual utilities (Electric, gas, water)
- 1,270/ Auto Insurance per year
- 2,370/ Gasoline per year
$ 4,770
- 4,770/ Annual food costs ($91.73 x 52 weeks)
$ 0.00

Now, if you take public transportation, you'll only spend about maybe $1,300/ yr, and save $2,340

But, heaven forbid if you need to pay child support or get injured requiring hospitalization or have any loan or credit card debt. And you won't really be able to afford a cell phone or Internet and not have to much for fun. Further more you'll be likely to live check-tocheck.

Oh BTW, the poverty level for a single person in the US is $11,170.00
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26826431

A person would have to get a roommate, cheap small car and live close to work so no high insurance/gas costs and eat for 50 a week. So at least there would be money left over then.
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