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Message Subject John Lear - No Planes Hit Towers on 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it's maybe 5-10 years too late to debate this long dead issue. Anywhoo I was downloading videos of the planes hitting, good ones, on 'winmx' which is probably also long gone, back when it occurred. There were planes. Heck I was watching it live in CNBC when it happened, when the second one hit, the stock futures plummeted. Was a day I will not forget.

I'm not saying it wasn't planned, I'm just saying they used real planes on the two towers. They imploded building 7 obviously, and the pentagon, who knows, who cares.
 Quoting: Cult of Personality

another misconception,

You DID NOT see any planes crashing into the towers LIVE on tv! the movies of planes entering the towers came later in the day.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12731155

What do you mean it "came later in the day"? I saw it too, in real time as it happened live.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 636186

You did not see any live videos of planes entering into the towers.

Funny how the live footage seemed to miss this isn't it. Just a blurry 'something' that goes out of sight behind the towers and then a big fireball.

Yet you will have eyewitness' that will swear to the fact that they seen it live on tv.

Eyewitness' aren't worth shit! Our brains are too easily manipulated or even manipulate themselves to fill in the blanks or make things fit.
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