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Message Subject John Lear - No Planes Hit Towers on 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok, how about you show me a screenshot of what you saw on LIVE tv that day that shows you definatively it was a large airliner.

Maybe you should look into the media fakery of that day! but that will take us back to my 'ego' point, and you're not going to study to prove yourself wrong are you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12731155

Your other claim (beside the one where you falsely claim that shots of a plane hitting the 2nd tower were only shown "later in the day")is that I only saw something which was "blurry" and that my mind deciphered as an aircraft. That simply isn't true- what was shown needed no stretch in imagination to be identified as an aircraft.

So... what are you actually claiming, that NO live shot took place? That is incorrect- I saw the live shot, along with many others- IN REAL TIME. Is your claim that what was shown was too "blurry" to positively identify? Again, incorrect- what was certainly shaped like an aircraft. So now... apparently you are left with claiming that the shot(s) were "fake", is that it?
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