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Message Subject John Lear - No Planes Hit Towers on 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its amazing how the fakers made punch-outs in the side of the buildings matching the dimensions of the planes, and the material is pushed inward.

So if the planes that hit the towers were remote controlled or holograms, that would mean the originating flights were diverted somewhere else and the passengers and crews were murdered?
 Quoting: Ralph--a house dog

Nothing hit the tower except a low frequency pulse from a satellite which destroyed the cohesivness of atomic
structure of matter reducing concrete and steel and everything else to powder whichh itself eventually disappeared.

The BTS (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) recorded no
departure for American Airlines Flight 11 and 77.

Nothing crashed at Shanksville. The passengers of Flight 93 were deplaned earlier at Cleveland-Hopkins airport into the NASA hangar there. The plane departed with no flight plan.

Flight 77 overflew the Pentagon and probably landed at Andrews just across the Potomic.

No information on United 175.

Fllight 11 was just pure video fakery.

No pax wer murdered as most were government employees and were deplaned somehwere else and
probably given new identities. The selection process for these government employees included people who for one reason or another didn't mind a new identitiy and probably a hefty cash payment.

They could not have been remote controlled as the chance for something to go wrong was too high plus the 'nose out' video shows video fakery.

There were 51 video tapes and each one shows evidence of fakery especially the one labelled "How To Make Your Own 911 Fake Video".
 Quoting: johnlear

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