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Message Subject John Lear - No Planes Hit Towers on 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
John Lear has also said that we're mining the moon for Helium-3, and we get to and from the moon using anti-gravity spacecraft that make the trip in an hour or less. He claims we lauch from Antarctica so as to go unnoticed.

If I recall correctly, he's also claimed that there's a big alien antenna on the moon that reclaims dead human souls and redistributes them among the newborns. One catch: if you die under water, the antenna can't do the job and you're just a lost soul forever. It doesn't even have to be deep water.

In other words, John Lear is a crackpot...either too much time at high altitude, or simply too much time getting high. He's mentally ill either way.
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