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Message Subject John Lear - No Planes Hit Towers on 911
Poster Handle Rose
Post Content
This imo is THE game changer!

Most people laugh it down because they don't realise how deep this rabbit hole goes or how we could be so EASILY fooled.

Shills will try to steer you in the direction of inside job, explosives etc etc but do not want you talking about no planes!!

Think about it, if the whole world were told tomorrow that 9/11 was an inside job people would be in uproar and demand change.
So the gov would just incriminate a few of its own higher ups, throw a few in prison and 'alter' the system a little.

The public would then be happy!

But the gov would really carry on behind the scenes as usual (no real problem for TPTB)

Now, if the public were to learn that the media were in on it so to speak then that there would be the game changer! The public would no longer believe anything out of 'official' mouths and would not stop until the whole system has been destroyed and started over from scratch (bad bad for TPTB)

But sadly, the gov can get away with such things in plain sight because our egos won't allow us to believe how easily we really can we manipulated. It goes against our life long programming.

I don't want to hear people spout about how there would be soo many people in on it that we would know, the truth would leak out etc.
In reality, due to the nature of compartmentalisation there would be very few people 'in on it'.

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