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Message Subject Batten down the hatches. CIVIL DOOM ON 11/12/12 - Patriots Take Back The Country
Poster Handle Jericho9
Post Content
Passing along actual intel from the belly of the beast. Check this IP to verify.

from agent DEJA VU who has only been wrong once in the last 14 years:

The latest neo-marxist crisis is about to be nipped in the bud. CLUE: Petraeus ALL IN. Get ready for freedom, like the old days, once more.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25722285

You know, I hope this isn't another "hit and run" thread that an OP gets his rocks off putting people on edge. Or maybe I do, Hell we are talking about bloodshed on a massive scale and a country we won't recognize if this comes to fruition. Some day one of these threads is going to be REAL and America will be in flames staving off the forces of tyranny...and we are moving at warp speed towards it in my humble opinion.
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