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Message Subject Batten down the hatches. CIVIL DOOM ON 11/12/12 - Patriots Take Back The Country
Poster Handle dschis1000
Post Content
PUNKS, Go ahead, do something stupid. Why in the blazing hell do you think we lost the election. Because of young and a few old punks spouting crap you've screwed up up my party. It's okay to debate but it's threads like these that take to a different level.

You don't think that both Bushes didn't have anything to do with this either. Never mind the about 1000 or so legislators who have had a hand in it. You don't think the NSA/military don't monitor this traffic? I will almost guarantee by the time I post this some computer program will analyze it.

Keep spouting violence and you'll get this site shut down and might even get the mods in trouble.

Keep going you guys are going to wind up getting house guests that you don't want.

Be careful in what you do
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