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Message Subject Batten down the hatches. CIVIL DOOM ON 11/12/12 - Patriots Take Back The Country
Poster Handle Peaceplz
Post Content
A coup would seem to be in order when the leaders of our nation can choose to be out of town when subpenaed to testify about the deaths of 4 Americans on 9/11.

Hillary Clinton is not new to lying and running like a weasel when cornered. She was implicit in Whitewater, which the dems blamed Kenneth Starr for investigating, instead of Hillary and Bill. I hope Gen. Patraeus will not be "Vince Fostered" while walking through the park. If you were not alive or did not know about this, please Google it.

Hillary simply picked up her residence and moved to New York where she became a senator, then ran for president in 2008. Of course, her husband was impeached, but not found guilty of lying under oath about sexual relations with "that woman" Monica L. when he looked all of America in the eye under oath and lied. He admitted it, of course, when faced with the undeniable pesky DNA proof.

Now Hillary wants to run for president in 2016, which I am sure was the deal she made with the devil in 2008 when she took a dive and her job. She has proven that people have short memories and if she just becomes too busy to testify about the real events of 9/11, she will be president in 2016 and owes her soul to the company store and the devil. No one seems to have the vigor to stand up for any of this, except maybe some patriots, who are vilified over race or perhaps an affair, but Bill did it and it was fine then.

If a coup were being planned I don't see how Gen. (Ret.) Patraeus could be active as his email has been hacked and I am sure he is being followed and secretly monitored in his own home. The CIA knows where he lives. So who would be the likely ones? My guess is the Seals who have been vilified and silenced as of late. We can only hope there will be a hero.peace
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