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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
up and it ain't cheap and even enough to run much through out a day

No its not

a solar set up could be tops 3-4 grand

what? we need power to run a city?

How about enough for one community fridge and to charge our cells and lappies

i mean really

This is about living simy not living lime a.millionaire

if thwt were the caee ill stay here and be a slave so i can keep my tv on 24-7 just because

Why can't you find out if some in your family would want to do something like this?

My family unfortunately are part of the %99

i see i might have to do this all alone and just get a.fucking dog

If you're serious, why not try to buy land next to those of like-minded individuals? I would have to assume someone serious wouldn't want a "land baron" anyway, no offense...I know I wouldn't.

Have back issues so doing it all.by myself is going to be extremely difficult

would rather have people.who want to get away from it all and we can all do what we can at our own ace helping out one another
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