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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
Yeah your just here to make him question if he can do it or not, not to kill his resolve by pointing out the hardships huh?
 Quoting: BCaudill77

So you're saying he should only have people tell him the good things and he should be unaware of any obstacles? That's pretty cruel. For example, in Pennsylvania, if you own even one chicken you need to have a manure management plan and paperwork on hand in case someone comes knocking. It outlines your entire farm/property, you need to show what waterways are there, where the manure is deposited...HOW it's deposited (so really, even if you have a garden, you need to have this plan in place).
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I dont doubt your knowledge, just saying he doesnt need to listen to armchair trolls like you! Thats why I gave him contact info with someone who has tried and failed someone who he can learn a lot from and hopefully be successful. Quit pointing out potential problems and be helpful or just leave the conversation.
 Quoting: BCaudill77

Again, so how is it helpful not to highlight pitfalls? Did I say "OMG, that's the suckiest idea ever?!?!" Nope! I expressed my thoughts, even asked if he had family he could work with, and to at least post his strengths and weaknesses so that he could find someone that would at the very least compliment him in areas he was not strong. Not only me but others DID point out that the idea of only ONE person holding the land did NOT seem smart.
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