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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I've seen the communes in the '70s - they lasted about a year - max.

All kinds of issues arose. One being these people weren't usually blood related - sort of pseudo family make-believe. Then the money and labor issues took care of the rest. The wanna-be back-to-the land(ers) aka 'hippies' or 'new agers' ended up going back to the grid and the world of 'real' jobs. Plus their landlords (lords of the land) wanted their property back in their original state.

Interesting experiment though. The feeling of belonging was cool - though, in the real world, people initially form communities because of real necessity, such as war or financial depressions. Farming communities that go back hundreds of years are becoming a thing of the past - but they were awesome in their heyday.

Prepping is in everyone's best interest. Look at the rich folk in New York and New Jersey being hammered right now. Must suck not to be able to shop at Macy's these days instead of waiting in line for gas and being cold as hell to boot.

Yet another warning the rest of us. Be prepared for anything, including relocation. Having a RV of some sort is a really good idea for getting out of a disaster zone and is something you can fill to the ceiling with food and gas.

Just a thought....
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