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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Make no mistake: what's being proposed here CAN and IS being done - I don't think anyone here is claiming that it would be easy, but I think everyone can agree it is certainly worthwhile.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1292637

I've lived off the grid in Mongolia. Here, it's normal and expected away from the cities. It's a lifestyle built by necessity. It's a simple life, but not so bad if you are willing to adjust your expectations. Low power consumption means smaller off-grid infrastructure requirements. And it means more work. But it also means closer relationships with friends and family.

Moving off-grid is more easily accomplished if you have the help of friends or neighbors who are already off-grid. Off-grid communities are usually very close, and help one another often. It's part of the lifestyle. It's part of survival.

Want an easier transition into off-grid living? Join an off-grid community, at least on a temporary basis as a learning experience, or become neighbors to a community of off-grid people you can befriend and trade with.

It speeds the learning curve.
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