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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
having land is great but you still have to have an income until things are up and running.How much planning have you done?Are you gonna sharecrop or is this a buy in deal?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17687147

I intend ln makibg it self sufficient quickpy
through sellig small game and poultry
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24520447

Your kidding right...? Do you know how much game and poultry you would have to have to live as you put it. First off you can't just sell game. You need tags to hunt and you only get one. Its illegal to sell game. You can eat yourself what you kill but can't sell it.

Poultry...Ha ha ha. Chickens and Turkeys are alot of work. You need feed for them that you buy at a store. 10 chickens over the course of a year eat alot. 200lbs of starter feed when you get your chicks. Then about 80 lbs a month. Do the math. Feed is about 10 bucks a bag give or take. Going up right now.

Saying if you were to do this right now. 10 acres will cost you what... then solar to run it will be 20k. then outbuildings for livestock another 20k. drilling a well 10-20k. Fencing 5k. Tractor to till the ground and keep things up min 10k. should I keep going. Even a one room cabin by the time you get wood stoves and alike for it would run you 15k. If you don't have a farming background and know what your doing before you do it you will fall on your face hard.

Not that easy. I bought a place 12 years ago and it has taken a long time to get everything in place to be self sufficient.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21948869

You have a bad attitude. You have also not done enough research on the topic of raising and feeding chickens to be laughing. Buying chicken feed @ 10 bucks a bag.....
Two words for you.
Worm farm.

Do your homework fella.
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