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Message Subject off the grid is anyone serious
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its quite obvious my decision to go off grid complety has attrscted some sour ssses on here who want notjing more than to discourage others from getting away from the establishment.

You do not need to purchase any feed at all if you do not want. raise insects

greenhouses can be built for the price of a roll of plastic

This can be done with very minimal money yet all i see and hear are keyboard warrioirs trying to tell me how and what

the whole damn reason to go off the grid is to free yourself from the enslavement of mo ey and materilim

sure i know a few bucks is needed but certaily not much at all

just tax money and so.e emergency funds

some of you people that are trying to discourage me from doing this are the type of people that expect a marble jacuzzi in a small cabin next to your filet mignon and champagne and caviar dream after you came in from sticking your finger in the ground lanting one little seed and saying now watch i knew i was right
we needed a thirty thousand dollar pick to dig that he in order for it to grow


my offer still stands

i m handy and not an expert
i also have back issues but can and will push mysrlf to work anyway

i will pay in full the land and a few years taxes
it will be at least ten aces of wooded and fertile property
you only need to bring yourself and so.e transportation because i no longer drive
your only expense would be the cost of your cabin which you will determine
it coupd cost you nptig depending on how simple you want to live
i will also provide a generator and some solar

anywhere in the us is ok as long as i can get the property with low taxes
no restrictions and ten or more wooded acres for under twenty k

ill check back here in a few weeks to see if there are any serious peoe who want to live simply and get the fuck aeay from society

if not
no problem
enjoy your million dollar fifth wheels and american idol while you rough it at the oyster bar in yosemite
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