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Message Subject Would a Human Soul become trapped if that person died in space or on another planet? Where would it go?
Poster Handle curiousleo74
Post Content
Your soul was gathered from the universe as spirit(energy). And to the universe it will return.
 Quoting: davID58

i agree with this and having had a nde i believe it even more so
 Quoting: tatmark1

What was your experience? Do you care to share?
I had an almost fatal auto accident last year but did not have any near death experience to remember. The accident its'self is still a blur.

I was hospitalized for 2 weeks & couldn't walk for nearly 5 months.
 Quoting: curiousleo74

i hung myself in a drug rehab i was in a coma for a week after. zero brain activity while in the coma then boom the night before they were going to pull my plug i came out.
 Quoting: tatmark1

Glad you made it!It changes your life & a persons way of thinking when you escape death I know. I hate to admit it but my wreck was from drug abuse,no sleep & a total meltdown. I was in a deep sleep for 24 hrs at least before waking.But don't remember any obe's or anything like that.
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