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Message Subject Would a Human Soul become trapped if that person died in space or on another planet? Where would it go?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The soul is part of the initial spark of life from our creator. Just as the creator is in all places all the time, our soul has the capacity to be where it chooses.

The soul is never stuck anywhere, it is free yet a full part of the all, the I Am.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1243271

Ok for instance,when paranormal investigators capture evidence at a particular place, the spirit is stuck there & they try to help that spirit move on,in some cases,at least in realm they are in at the location the spirit or spirits are at.

So you think they choose to be where they are until judgement & if a soul was outside this earth they could be back at their home in a flash coming though an EVP,electronic voice phenomenon?
 Quoting: curiousleo74

OP, it is my understanding that there is both a soul and then there is the spirit, I get confused on which is which however one is infinite with infinite possibilities and the other is a collection of memories and experiences, or so I have been told.
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