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Message Subject Would a Human Soul become trapped if that person died in space or on another planet? Where would it go?
Poster Handle curiousleo74
Post Content
Would a Human Soul become trapped if that person died in space or on another planet?

This is a question I don't ever hear asked.

What if someone died on the space station while orbiting earth,where does that spirit or soul go?

What if a human died while on a manned mission to Mars or died on another planet,where does that soul go? Anywhere?

would a soul outside Earth be trapped there alone?
 Quoting: curiousleo74

As long as you are within reach of the soul catchers you will get sucked in and spit back onto earth, aka reincarnation, i.e. your soul is not "trapped" as you say. If you were outside of the reach of the soul catchers, which I think as far as I can figure out extends out to saturn, then you would be out of this illusion, i.e. you would be in reality, heaven, or whatever the hell else you want to call it, and thus your question at that point would be pointless. Which btw is the purpose of NASA, namely, to make sure we don't venture into space bwahahahahahaha!! Space travel is for only those select few who are allowed to travel directly between this illusion, and reality; all it takes is to get past saturn.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23382441

Now this is different to hear at least for me. I wasn't thinking about reincarnation. So, where does this info about one past Saturn being out of reach come from?
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