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Message Subject Friday 11/16/12 - The Big Announcement
Poster Handle Kii of Earth
Post Content
Interesting scenario. Ok, I'm going to run with the ball here, and see where it goes. Why not, no one else did.
I cant vouch for any of these sites mentioned here that I've never been to before now, just running the ball. A small amount is a bit out there, but things we have all likely encountered before. Check Yourself, Be Open, or Don't. If you take issue with it, please feel free to simply leave the thread.

If I were the OP and this is real, I'd do just what happened in this thread already. Leak the hinted to information from an AC responce and never make contact again from either of those IP's.

Ok, partyhats on.

In the 28th post on the first page there is this:

It's interesting that some 'insiders' who were previously convinced BO was the anti-christ are now saying that maybe he was for the light this whole time. That he just had to wait until after his re-election to show his true colors.

[link to removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27631680

Seems like no one followed it.

I did, and I think you should too. and the any relevent link that pops up along the way. I'm still running them down.

Now, maybe its all wrong, thats cool. then fuck it on this level.
as an aside: Im up another level this last night... It feels like the time tho, but maybe it's just me. man it feels like something's going to pop here in a bit.

The structure here is this:
The relevent material below is dated 11/11/2012. It recent. Some reference material from about 12/13 months prior.

1) OP makes a prediction that has a date and time involved.
2) It also points to an event.
3) The event is a press conference that had to take place after the US election in order to see completion.
4) Seperate the 2 items. The date of the press conference may not happen at time OP stated, but could still happen later in time. Even if true insider info, things can happen on Earth in the days and hours between the post and the target date.
5) Now, read this page and the comments. [link to removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca]
6) Who is this guy he talks about? Indeed. some info here: [link to www.ascensionwithearth.com] : More info on this is golden at this level.
7) The David Wilcock issue. Thats hard but not too hard, at least we know that he is on the good guys side, so whatever else, it aint all that bad with him. For the sake of running the ball, lets not judge David Wilcock here, he wasnt the source anyway, it appears that he might have been referenced in that post as some sort of way to validate the information co-oberation. easy enough, fuck it.
8) The material is about the dissolution of the Old World Order here. And instead of it being a bad thing, its actually a good thing.
Now, that's a tricky thing to say or write. However, if it's true and this matrix of affairs is unwinding and about to hit ground, the indicated material is stating that there is about to be a global upgrade, and alluding to one that is on many levels. Here is the thing, this is level that we can be effective and create our reality.
9) Essentially the thought here is that the NWO ends up being not what the old guard indended, but instead the opposite, it gets hijacked by the good guys. And it's happening this week. All told, in this L1 run, this is the output. And there is more time avilable.
If it happens, it's creditable fantastic stuff. If not, hahaha, it's no surprise at all. It makes me wonder about the GLP effect, the mass conscienceness and induced influence of here. But we can ponder that together later.

Now for my part, I think most folks are desiring this. Upgrades. And some of them would be enormous. All we will have to do is a good job in all aspects of life. We dont have to be perfect, but if we all just actually do a good job and live with integrity, then we earn it.

One the other hand, we have heard all this before. Always Soon®, always just weeks away.. and all that.

The funny thing is, with both hands, almost all of us privately hope for a better world, that means the collective energy is increasing and sooner or later we attract enough attention with this energy to create a wave of change from the living, breathing Earth, and all of our Spirit Helpers, .. and literally everything. Critical Mass.

Can you allow yourself to receive this? Is something blocking you? Is anything sabotaging us/you from becoming increasingly complete and whole?

Either way.. only a few days to wait on OP. But then again, see item 4. And if that doesn't work, then on this level, lets just get thru this year, as a peoples, in brotherhood and with a spirit of cooperation and see what happens if we all try to create our reality together with whatthefuckever is going to happen here real soon.

Im out for the night, see ya all tommorrow night.

oh PS.. here is some fun reading:
[link to www.scribd.com]
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