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Message Subject Muslim Preacher Tortures 5 Year Old Daughter to DEATH: UPDATE Page 3` Released after 4 months
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Every religion has its psychos, and this guy is defiantly a psycho, but what is more insane is obedient citizens from North America and the rest of the British colonies love to demonize a whole religion because of certain individuals, use your brains, not your social hatred, I am Muslim and will tell you Islam is not what you are being told.

Lady Gaga has an upside down cross on her vagina in her video clip, should I demonize Christianity? or is she a perverted tool created by Zionist puppets?

and ofcorse GLP would pin a thread like this,

Wake up please and love each other, May peace be upon you.
 Quoting: 3ogla 27040894

Well Lady Gaga isn't torturing and killing children is she.

Christianity is demonized when Christians abuse people and don't live up to their beliefs. Why shouldn't it be? If a religion doesn't inspire goodness and love in its believers then what good is it? Why should the world look the other way if a religion creates more evil than good in the world.
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