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Message Subject Holy Smoke - is this Petraeus' OTHER LOVER??!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The people in this thread who are saying that his wife is ugly are incredibly rude.

She may have been more attractive, in that conventional sense, before she grew old with this unfaithful man and gave him a family.

Yes, I'm a guy, and other guys who do this are ignorant. Like it is an excuse for him to cheat on her? What if your wife cheated on your ugly behind? Would it be your fault?

People change over the years, morals and faithfulness should not. If he truly did not love her anymore, he owed her a divorce before he got involved with all of these other women.

By the way, these other women are not much more attractive physically than his wife, just much younger and they are styled less conservatively. I'm sure his conservative wife was useful for his image, right? Glad he used her and tossed her aside for these soccer moms.

Here's the thing, I asked a guy whom I work with who was in the Military about why the whole affair was such a big deal. He told me that, in the military, it is greatly frowned upon if you cheat on your wife, and he was not surprised that Betray-Us stepped down. I'm all for conspiracies, and maybe the president did hold it over his head, but if he didn't do the dance he wouldn't have to pay the piper.
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