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Message Subject Holy Smoke - is this Petraeus' OTHER LOVER??!!!
Poster Handle Peaceplz
Post Content
Why does Paula Broadwell call him "peaches"? Peaches and Daddy were one of the big distractions during the last depression...
[link to nymag.com]
 Quoting: zenobiaphobia

I read his nickname at West Point was Peaches... Probably slang from Patraeus.

To call his wife ugly is to say women are disposable and should be traded in for younger women. He is an alpha male and conquering women is in his code. Generally people with a lot to lose by having affairs pick a lover who has at least the same to lose (i.e. married, military just like him) but it seems like his paramour is a rabbit boiler. Or she is a Mata Hari and it was her mission.

The charms of an alpha male bring out the worst in alpha females.

I don't think he had an affair with this other woman, Kelley. I think Broadwell missed the attention from Patraeus and went astronaut/depends jealous. Patrause was effed either way.... Obama knows he can bury him, held it off till after the election and buried Patraeus instead.

Let's just hope Patraeus uses his high intelligence and his friendships to make the right strategic moves so the truth comes out and the emperor is paraded without his clothes.
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