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Message Subject UFO shot down In Indianapolis! Two die in inferno.
Poster Handle Indy dude
Post Content
I actually live just a few streets away. Homes within miles shook really hard one time. We initially thought a truck hit our home. My girlfriend and I walked outside to find the entire neighborhood out in the streets asking what the hell that jolt was. My girlfriend and a few other neighbors noticed a strange triangular shaped arrangement of lights that appeared to be an aircraft of some sort. Initially my girlfriend said it was a helicopter, but it was slow moving and 100% silent. We saw this object within 3-5 mins after the blast (nearly before we heard the first of MANY sirens from emergency vehicles). Local news reports that the possibility of a meth lab or a bomb has been ruled out by surveyors. The gas company claims there were no reports of gas smells nor were their any leaks in natural gas lines in the neighborhood. I'm normally not into conspiracy stuff and typically remain silent when it comes to these sort of things ... But this is truly weird. It has us feeling quite uneasy.
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