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Message Subject I love you
Poster Handle shenandoah
Post Content
safety of heart.

unconditional love.
another way of saying:
love without fear.
fearless love.
 Quoting: Horus 19949961

I love animals such as sharks, bears, and lions unconditionally too; and I don't harbor ~irrational fears of them; but I don't trust them with my life either. It's important to figure out what characteristics of mind, emotion, and personality makes a true Human being. Not every creature really is Human, just because they physically appear similar.

Btw, I don't actively and aggressively hate Hybrids, in the same way that I know they hate real Human beings. But I'm aware that they're mostly predators, not fully Human, and treat them accordingly. I wouldn't be cruel toward any animal, not even Hybrids; but I know they can't be trusted as Humans.

That is my point, when I say that you can't really truly love what you don't actually understand. You have to look past appearances, below the surface, in order to do that. Erich Fromm wrote an excellent book on the subject, called, The Art of Loving.
 Quoting: shenandoah 2636202

You can love all creatures unconditionally, but only real Human beings deserve your full ~trust.
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