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Message Subject Bro-in law divorcing my sister because she voted Obama! Obamacare could shut him down :(
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No reason to doubt this story.
Locally the gun store has been
the only business
booming since last Wednesday.

An old high school friend has an ex husand
who was told last Wed. morning the
oil/gas company he works for is
closing at thanksgiving and not opening again.
Express reason given...
They will have no choice but to close after January
because of new insurance requirements.
Asked employees to use the time before new year
to regroup and enjoy time with family.
Ex told her he is not so surprised.
it was coffee break talk all during election but when mentioned as a reality if OBCARE stands = BIG O re-elected.
The topic was dismissed with "stop being dramatic"

I'm a Gary Johnson 1%er. My husband may have wanted to divorce me if I had a hand in re electing obama. A vote for Obama was assuring the dividend check he has worked 30 years to earn will now be taxed at 40% instead of 15%.

THINK of the millions of self-funded retirees that didn't pay attention to the paupers wage of retirement offered by SS. So they BUILT THEIR OWN retirement dividend fund.
But now cost of living goes up...and the feds are going to TAKE 25% more of their hard earned investments...
TAKING the money retirees have budgeted their life around!!!

Fuck! I wouldn't sleep in the same bed with my spouse if I knew that person was too stupid and blind to realize the REAL and TRUE ramifications of this outcome. It would be clear I had made a mistake with the union. I would want to move on...

A house divided will not stand.

Our national house is torn to pieces.
We've got band aids on gaping wounds
and salt being poured into others...

Obama isn't the problem, the AGENDA is...
but someone's got to wear the suit.

happy holidays!
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