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Message Subject Bro-in law divorcing my sister because she voted Obama! Obamacare could shut him down :(
Poster Handle Renaissance Woman
Post Content
No thats fucking stupid. So is he going to ask every woman he dates who she voted for?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27562583

Actually, yes. It shows ones fundamental underlying beliefs and understanding of the world. In my opinion, libs do want to help people, but their policy ideas do not take into account human nature and the real world -- so the help actually hurts in the long run. I prefer someone in my life who understands this basic principle and shares my goals for myself specifically and for the rest of my countrymen.
 Quoting: Renaissance Woman

So you want a subserviant mouse who believes in everything you do, can tell your a woman. The whole point of us being different people is the fact that we are different.

What you seem to want is a planet full of clones that praise you and do as they are told, and then buy you a new pair of shoes each week.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27413151

Not everyone has to agree with me. I just prefer that my spouse and I think alike on basic fundamentals. FYI, yes I am a woman, I am the primary bread winner in our house, I don't own many shoes, my husband supports my business (as I support his), and we are working toward the same goals. We don't agree on everything (how boring that would be), but we share the same underlying principles and are working toward the same goals in life.
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