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Message Subject Bro-in law divorcing my sister because she voted Obama! Obamacare could shut him down :(
Poster Handle Glipski
Post Content
quote:Anonymous Coward 27446380:MV8yMDQ4NDI3XzM0NDIxNjUyXzczMzg2MDc2]
Fucking god damn shills.

First, he's exempt on the first 30 employees IF he even has more than 50 workers. You state it will cost him $110,000 in fines. You lie. The total fine would be $67,500 based on 57 workers. A whopping $20 per week per employee.

Second, he's a loser if he has more than 50 employees and is only profiting $2k-$3k per worker.

Third, there's many tax breaks for small businesses that provide health care as any legit CPA would tell you.

Fourth, prices are going up and if he isn't raising prices, then that's his fault for not keeping up with the republican controlled federal reserve monetary policy of destroying the US dollar.

Fifth, no competently-run company that provides a useful service will be going out of business.

Sixth, your story is complete bullshit and full of inaccuracies.

Seventh, I hope a semi crashes into you head on.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24208912

I'm still laughing at this story - has Obamacare exposed all the of so-called "business owners" that don't have a CLUE how to run a business?

1)That's 67,500 out of his pocket, not out of thin air.
2)In the current manufacturing environment in the US, 2-3% is a great profit.
3)Loopholes are being closed to eliminate many such deductions/credits thanks to the government.
4)Here's where you really show your ignorance of manufacturing in this country...prices are indeed going up. The issue everyone faces is customers demanding suppliers drive down costs every single year-5% or more. As an owner you have to make more capital investment in faster machines but since your bottom line is only 3%, you need a loan except the banks aren't loaning money unless you're a minority buying more house than you can afford.So you re-level your workload among fewer workers in order to get the product out the door and keep paying the bills.
5) He never said he's going out of business, just that he had to make adjustments to stay in business. Why don't you go and ask the people that are keeping their jobs there if he's an idiot business owner or if maybe they think he's providing them with employment so they can pay mortgages and buy food.
6 & 7) You voted for Obama.
From the sounds of it, he has several clues on how to adapt his business to current conditions and is doing what's necessary to keep the majority of his employees working...exactly the kind of guy a liberal really hates. Why should he as a business owner make any money, right?
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