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Message Subject Bro-in law divorcing my sister because she voted Obama! Obamacare could shut him down :(
Poster Handle amywood71605
Post Content
Well, my hubby voted for Obama because, in his words, "It's the lesser of two evils." I do NOT agree with him - I voted for Romney, and while we had a few heated discussions, I can't imagine divorcing him over it.

That being said, in your brother in law's case, it seems to effect him more (his business), so in a way, it is understandable. It obviously is something he feels very strongly about and as his wife she needed to respect that. I know if I had felt THAT strongly about it, my husband would have voted differently, but I never made it a huge deal. Told him why I thought he shouldn't voted for Obama, but it wasn't like it is something that effected my life(or business, if I had one), so much.
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