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Message Subject Vote Recount - Over 26,000 Signatures in 36 hrs!!!! -- THIS is the petition that NEEDS to be signed!
Poster Handle Travis Bickle
Post Content
This isn't going to happen either.
Morons are going to see their
petitions deleted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27574240

Show us one petition that was addressed and got anything overturned or reversed..in your lifetime or anyone's lifetime.. waiting........ ..... still waiting. So.. the same sheeple that bother to vote in the great puppet show put on every 4 years.. are now.. going to petition.. the same corrupt system that fucks them every 4 years. Makes sense.. if you are a child.. Oh, don't fret.. there will be another puppet show in 2016.. Who are you going to vote for..?.. The red puppet.. or the blue puppet??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24926363

Should I simply resolve myself to failure, hiding in cowardice behind anonymity with the thought that I have been defeated, such as you have done? No... Not in my nature.

This issue very well may be quashed or ignored. But I must make an attempt. To be a part of something that may make a difference. If this endeavor does not end in justice, then at least I will have the comfort of knowing that along the way, some eyes were opened..... And, at least we tried.
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