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Message Subject Vote Recount - Over 26,000 Signatures in 36 hrs!!!! -- THIS is the petition that NEEDS to be signed!
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
The election was a charade and Obama had been chosen all along. There was no way they could possibly make Obama lose the election, if there was indeed an election, as it is disastrous for the NWO plans. They just couldn't tell people this so they went ahead with the elections making people think its real and this was why even with Sandy and all the mess surrounding the elections about voters not being able to vote on time and some not voting at all, and swing states not being able to count votes until 10 days after, they still decided on the election on the day and wrapped it up that Obama won.

What you are getting excited over now, I have discussed long ago in this thread

Thread: Obama will remain President. Likelihood of chaos whoever wins....This is why!

maybe you should read it and focus your energies on something that could yield you results instead of this.
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