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Message Subject Vote Recount - Over 26,000 Signatures in 36 hrs!!!! -- THIS is the petition that NEEDS to be signed!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Should I simply resolve myself to failure, hiding in cowardice behind anonymity with the thought that I have been defeated, such as you have done? No... Not in my nature.

This issue very well may be quashed or ignored. But I must make an attempt. To be a part of something that may make a difference. If this endeavor does not end in justice, then at least I will have the comfort of knowing that along the way, some eyes were opened..... And, at least we tried.
 Quoting: Travis Bickle

Great viewpoint. I support all of you who put effort on this, all people who love true fairness and freedom.

Obama may win if he played fairly. But signs of cheating were there. Where the game was fair, through voter IDs, Obama can't win. Even us in Indonesia, some of you might think as a backward country, need to register and show our voter IDs to vote. How come your Libs and Dems reject this kind of fair play. When one party doesn't want to play fair, then the voting process has become useless and all gloves are off. If differences can't be sorted out fairly, then jungle law or being physical might be necessary. Fight for it my friends, never give up.
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