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Message Subject Vote Recount - Over 26,000 Signatures in 36 hrs!!!! -- THIS is the petition that NEEDS to be signed!
Poster Handle 071676
Post Content
While there are many threads regarding the petitions to secede,many of you know deep down that motion needs to come from local government. In looking at the petitions listed, these you will see that many petition signers are not even located in the state which is listed, which means the even if there are enough signatures on the petition, the politicians in that state will have a hard time taking the notion seriously .....

However, if enough people in the entire country sign the petition to recount the vote it's a different matter entirely. It forces action to either "explain" the discrepancies in the voter turnout (I.E. 108% in Ohio, 141% in Florida, 138% in other locations, Etc...) or to actually recount the vote.

If you're gonna put your John Hancock on any petition, it should be for this one.

[link to petitions.whitehouse.gov (secure)]

Recount the vote!
 Quoting: Travis Bickle

Help no I won't sign it. Watching republitard scream voting fraud after what was done to ron paul is devine judgment ..a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1636368

And I guess that would make you ....coal?
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