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Message Subject Israel Attacked Again.....How Long B-4 Armageddon?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israel has once again been attacked by Palestinian militants and Hammas guerillas launching rockets into her sovereign territory.

Earlier this week, Syria "accidentally" shelled Israel with mortars in the Golan Heights.

Now the Palestinians want the UN to declare them a "state" with pre-1967 borders.


Israel is minding her own business, but unlike our "fearless leader" in DC, WILL KICK SERIOUS ASS WHEN PROVOKED by Islamic extremists.

Still no answers on Behghazi, but in all instances of attacks on Israel, the attacks were reported to the U.N. by Israel, then they launched a bunch of Hellfire missiles and lit-up some terrorist ass with high explosive warheads.

Did Osama-bama do anything about Iran firing on our drone in international waters? Not a damned thing.

All I can say, is ISRAEL ROCKS, while Obama is busy golfing.

If Israel must defend herself to stay alive, then Obama better get with the fucking program or get out of the fucking way.

Last thing: If the U.N. votes for Palestinian "statehood", they will assure the destruction of any mid-east peace accords and will assure a regional, if not global conflict (read: WAR).

Jeez...I HATE anti-semites!

[link to www.jpost.com]
 Quoting: Fat Albert

Why would Obama help Israel? Israel has never done anything for us except attack us like in the Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, King David Hotel, 9/11, and USS Cole!
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