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Message Subject Israel Attacked Again.....How Long B-4 Armageddon?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ANY NATION whom is attacked or shelled or otherwise has the right tp protect itself no matter what the race color creed or religion. The Muslims don't like them and they don't like us either. None of us. To hell with them. Syris and Iran are going to pull everybody in Eventually. Canada and the States have to watch because there are so many of them within our borders already. Same with the European nations. Thats what is keeping them in check for now but that won't last forever. They will activate the cells in all our countries sooner or later and we will all be at war. Don't ever forget that. We will all be fighting inside all our own countries against them. We are all in danger from the inside out. They had it planned the whole time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21948869

Excellent post...great insights, and scary as hell because it's 100% true.

The US Border Patrol estimates that over 100,000 "OTM's" (Other than Mexican) come across the border illegally every year. Same with the Canadian border.

Border Patrol busted a cell in Buffalo a couple of years ago which was going to blow-up the bridge between USA and Canada (near Niagara Falls).

Estimates are that there are at LEAST 150,000 non-resident aliens from Muslim and Islamic countries still in the USA beyond their visa expiration date. These are the people who will hurt us and Canada.

The ones who fade into the woodwork and re-appear like that kid in NYC who thought he was going to blow-up the Federal Reserve Bank.

Dearborn and Livonia, Michigan (USA) have larger Arab populations than Saudi Arabia, and is home to the largest mosque in the world.

Yes..we are being threatened to the core from the inside...like a worm eating an apple.

Best to stay locked and loaded and fully alert at all times, because when the shit goes down, you don't want to be waiting for your mail-order ammo shipment to arrive.

N'Obama is already working the UN to 'prohibit certain weapons'...meaning gun control regardless of what our constitution says and how many times the Supreme Court rules in favor of the right to bear arms.

Back to Israel...the region is about to explode.

Even just yesterday, there was talk that the Iranian nuke program was too far underground already to be set-back with conventional airstrikes, so Israel would have to use ground troops....or TACTICAL NUCLEAR-TIPPED MISSILES to take out the underground production facilities in Iran.

Hard times for all..time to pray for peace.
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