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Message Subject Israel Attacked Again.....How Long B-4 Armageddon?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In the coming weeks or months Israel will retaliate with a level of shock and awe and with weapon's technology that the world has never seen before and they will recover their original covenant lands from the squatters that now occupy them. Israel's land mass will increase more than 10-fold and they will become an even greater military power. Those who hate God's people will become so consumed with hate for God's people that they will do exactly what God intended for them to do so that the judgment they deserve will be self-inflicted.

Eternal damnation awaits those who have rejected God's offer of salvation, but the eternal torment is not from God, it's Satan and his minions who you are given over to for all of eternity. You'll understand on the other side. It's the perfect plan. Christ, who is Jewish, does not want a bride comprised of those who hate Jewish people.

There are so many tertiary meanings to the stories in the bible that make this all clear, but those who dismiss blind faith in favor of knowledge also dismiss knowledge and prefer ignorance

Hosea 4:6
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