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Message Subject GLPVC Presents James Olson - Merging the Hemispheres of your Brain for Genius - 11/12 @ 11pm est
Poster Handle 2342
Post Content
James brings up some really good points on brain perspectives.

He is on the cutting edge in his field of the right left brain hemispheres and how it greatly influences how one experiences reality.

Just like everything else in this dualistic universe, the brain has 2 sides. The left side of the brain is individually oriented and the right side is more aligned with the group.

Mr Olson talks about balance within the two hemispheres and steps to achieve noticeable results.

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory Test

Determine which side of your brain left or right is dominant. Check the answers that most closely describe your preferences.

[link to www.web-us.com]

Right Brain / Left Brain Quiz
[link to www.intelliscript.net]
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